Learn Lomi Lomi in Hawaii

A two week, sixty-hour intensive massage training for the massage therapist who wishes to tremendously improve his or her abilities in two areas; how to touch in a profoundly relaxing way, and secondly, a world-class massage ‘set.’ 

The first area, called Relaxing Touch, involves dance and yoga personal training before touching the client. The student will learn subtle and strong exercises for developing the self-awareness good massage is based on. Massage, after all, comes from someone. How is that someone using their own body? The therapists’ use of their body determines what type of touch they can give. 

Using principles of dance training and yoga, the student will strengthen themselves. The student will refine their awareness of subtlety. The student will blend their own physicality with the energy of gravity, their soul, and good massage technique all into one dynamic experience beyond a normal massage. 

The second area, called Dennis’s Massage, teaches precisely how to perform a complex set of exquisite massage techniques. The precision of the teaching gives the student the ability to learn the material with 100% confidence. After the two weeks of sixty-hour workshop, the students will definitely have dramatically improved their massage skills and how they take care of themselves. 

Dennis brings eleven years of training and performing with the Iona Contemporary Dance Theatre to his massage. The Iona dance company is based on a movement meditation derived from “Butoh”. This training teaches improvising at the moment by detaching oneself from the thinking mind, and letting instead the body senses of sight, sound, and touch guide the movement. Massage also needs improvisation, because everybody has their own weight, their own amount of tension, their own way of responding to touch. With careful yet confident sensitivity, a highly ‘involved’ massage can be given in a deeply satisfying way. 

Class hours are Monday through Friday, 11:30 am to 5:30 pm

The fee is $1,800 for the two weeks. Prepayment is required, but anyone may withdraw any time with a complete, same-day prorated refund. 

The Dennis B Miller massage technique is based on Lomi-Lomi massage, Yoga-Massage, and Dennis’s own style of relaxing touch.

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