To our valued clients,

This is to inform you that we are closing until the Corona Virus crisis is over. Please follow the CDC guidelines of staying six ft. away from everyone, including family members. Please wash your hands for a full 20 seconds. Please don’t touch any commercial surface, such as counters at stores, banks, etc.

Our SUP Yoga in the ocean classes are continuing.

The city has closed the Beaches and is actively shooing people off of the beaches, so our beach yoga classes are also canceled until Mayor Caldwell determines that exercising outdoors is in fact one of the best ways of staying fit during this crisis.

Our mayor has closed public bathrooms. He didn’t leave a note for the homeless who rely on those facilities for guidance on which bushes or section of public sidewalk to use to relieve themselves, but we’ll all observe their choices from today.

Please call your governor and state legislators. Staying at home should mean that all rent, commercial and personal, stops.

It is our duty as citizens to call our officials and ask them to think of the public needs as more important than campaign checks from the large landowners. If the large trusts stop collecting rent, then the hotels and shopping centers can stop collecting rent, which means that smaller shops can also be relieved of rent.

It is not enough to pause evictions for 45 days.

That rent debt will add up.

We need a state by state and or a federal rent, loan, insurance moratorium in order for every non-essential worker to stay at home and not go bankrupt.

We are a community, let’s be safe, at home, and use our free time to lobby our officials.


Dennis B. Miller