Massage class for couples/pairs

How can you have a fantastically fun experience with someone you care about while learning therapeutic relaxation skills? Join MBPC massage class, A three hour course for couples massage and partner yoga!


Learn how to share your healing energy with quality touch and good professional techniques. You will be able to share a better massage with your friends and family.


Learn a powerful way to both increase your understanding of your diaphragm, and how to use breath for deep relaxation. A great way to de-stress when stuck in rush hour traffic!

Partner Yoga

Learn how to support and be supported by your partner; both in stillness and in motion. This is pure joy. Doing Yoga with a partner adds a lot of dimensions.

Circus Yoga

Enjoy thrilling yet simple circus yoga stretches! We help you to hang upside down from circus silk, to swing from straps, and we’ll lay across tubes for deep hip massage while stretching the whole back, in sequence. Also, we will use silk, ropes, straps, balls, and large tubes.

Class objectives

We will use yoga breathing techniques to build inner vitality and to find your ‘core’, then use that personal connection to expand your physical social connection in partner yoga asana. We provide circus equipment for easy yet thrilling upside down spine stretching, which also expands your understanding of the bodies potential. Then, you will bring this increased awareness of relaxed movement into meaningful massage touch.

By developing the skill of breathing into touch, we will improve the effectiveness of your massage touch, and teach easy yet fascinating massage techniques which everyone, not only professionals, can use with their friends and family. Professionals also will learn interesting techniques to enhance their career.

Class structure

This yoga & massage class takes about three hours, with two hours devoted to massage training. To enhance the massage training, one hour of some enjoyable highlights of partner yoga, circus yoga, and breathing techniques will be intermixed with the massage training.

For the massage training part, you are practicing on your ‘friend.’ It is necessary to show up with a partner. However, each ‘pair’ can choose whether they want to spend an equal amount of time practicing and then receiving, or, one person can receive the whole two hours while the other person practices the whole time. However, the ‘receiver’ still needs to participate in the partner yoga!

  • Reservations required. Maximum class size is eight couples.
  • What to bring: nothing, everything you need is provided.
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