4 Hands Massage

Double the value of your massage by receiving a massage from two therapists at the same time. The therapists breath and move in a similar rhythm to create an enveloping sense of being cared for.

4ハンズマッサージ6 Hands Massage

Can you imaging one person just concentrating on your feet for one hour while two other therapists provide detailed body massage?

8 Hands Massage

This would be disastrous, if the therapists were not in near unison with each other. Both the effect of so much attention is wonderful, and, with four therapists to lift, twist, pull, and knead you, they can literally lift you off the table for a few moments of traction, and hold you in other therapeutic poses while providing massage. This is massage for a truly royal experience.

A one hour ‘Four Hands’ massage is $180.00

You choose the time, from 15 minutes to 120 minutes.