Shiatsu, Sports, and Foot Massage Services

The Shiatsu Massage Center is the only place where you can find the best relaxation treatment in Hawaii. Our highly-trained and experienced therapists use traditional techniques with special enhancements and add-ons to improve your overall experience. This, combined with the natural ambience of our massage center can definitely melt your stress away.

Among our services are the foot and sports massage which we offer to our clients in Waikiki, Honolulu, HI. Whatever pain you are experiencing, we definitely have the perfect treatment for you! Our passion for providing healing and relaxation can’t be found anywhere else in the state! If that doesn’t convince you, we have collected some photos of our services and our facility below so you can see firsthand how truly amazing our services are. Feel free to browse through our photos, and if you are ready to experience the same treatment, head on over to our contact page and get in touch with us today!