Treat Yourself:  100 minutes

This includes 100 minutes of personalized massage with the benefits of a Facial Mask, Foot Scrub, and Hot Stone treatment all included.


Our facials use Phytomer and Fleur Products.  Phytomer is a French company, and is respected as the best source of seaweed facial products.  They use sustainable harvesting methods off the coast of Brittany, France.  France prohibits shipping near their famed beach, so the water is clean, the seaweed is natural, and Phytomer’s scientists have created a way to preserve the ionic balance of seawater in the creme that comes out of the tube.  As animals, we evolved from the sea, which is why our bloods ionic balance is the same as sea water.  Seaweed therefor helps to restore stressed skin to a healthy homeostasis.  Most brands featuring seaweed products are first purchasing the raw product from Phytomer.  However, Phytomer does not add any synthetic enhancements.  Just pure, natural cremes time tested for remineralizing our skin.

The facial includes face, neck, and head massage while the mask is soaking in.

  • 30 Minutes $60
  • 60 Minutes $120
  • 90 Minutes  $180

Add XMF Anti Aging for $20

Deep Tissue, Relaxation & Perfect Balance Massage

Deep tissue massage

This is normally a strong massage, but strong pressure is not the point. The ‘point’ is to find the knots which are causing your muscles to feel tight, and to use any appropriate technique for easing the ‘knot’ back into a calm, stress-free state of being. Deep tissue massage is available at our massage center in Honolulu.

Swedish relaxation massage

A Swedish based massage for profound relaxation.  Soothing kneading and gliding strokes designed to lull your senses into restorative rest.

Perfect balance massage

Where deep tissue massage meets Swedish massage; not too hard, not too strong.  The therapist will tailor make the allocation of time as it best suits your needs.

Shiatsu Massage

Japanese Shiatsu

This Japanese style of massage has a very different ‘feel.’  Shiatsu doesn’t use massage oil, and it doesn’t even directly touch your skin.  Direct pressure, via the thumbs, palms, knuckles, forearms, even knees and feet are used to stimulate and relax specific points on the body.

Pressure is sometimes applied rhythmically along the length of muscle attachments; where muscles become tendons and attach onto bones.  The attachment areas are the areas of highest tension, and therefor are also the areas where you notice the most amount of stress.

Massage with knowledge of muscle origins and insertions is very effective for overall circulation stimulation and results in dramatic pain relief.

Reflexology & Foot Massage


More pressure points!  This time, in your feet.  The hands are also full of a surprising amount of tension, so hand reflexology is also recommended.  This is supposed to hurt.  But, it is supposed to hurt in ways that stimulate your breath.  You shouldn’t be flinching or holding your breath, you should be groaning in ‘good ‘ stimulation. For professional reflexology in Honolulu, make an appointment today.

Soft & Silky Foot Massage

This is a foot massage that does not make you say, “ouch!”  Skin softening cremes are used to ease your sole back into soft comfort. For a soft an silky foot massage in Waikiki in the heart of Honolulu, contact our office today.

Add aromatherapy for $20.

Back Walking Massage

Ashiatsu Back Walking Massage

Ashiatsu back walking massage is a style of massage in which the therapist stands on the table and on your back. Parallel bars are hung above the massage table for the therapist to hold onto for balance.

The deep pressure of a heel is just right, if you like a lot of compression! Our salon feature parallel bars above four of our eight massage tables.

Sports Massage

Pre- or post-race sports massage

This massage shares the pain relief goals of deep tissue massage, but the modalities used are more specific to your activities.  Pre-race?  Post-race? In between a race, or athletic event?  Rather than a relaxing massage in which you can rest your mind, for a sports massage you will need to participate with the massage.

Resistance exercises can enhance pressure point massage, and ‘muscle shortening’ or therapeutic positioning of your body can promote relaxation.  This is a massage, but it includes manipulations and assisted stretching to help you either perform better or recover faster.

Enhancements: Enhance your 30 minute or longer massage with:

Hawaiian CBD gel: $25

as a testimonial, the therapists observed that if they provide two CBD gel massages per day, that their own wrist and elbow pain goes down.

Phyoceane Self Heating Mud: $25

From France, this mud, wrapped in foil and clothe, is placed under areas where you feel soreness. It ‘self heats.’ You’ll feel the mud percolate. For between 20 to 60 minutes the mud is there, adding its anti inflammatory benefits to your massage

Hot stone massage: $20

The warm stones can be added to either Lomi LomiRelaxation or Perfect Balance massage.  Warm flat stones are placed over a towel on key points on the body.  The weight and warmth are comforting.  Then smooth warm stones are used to actually massage with.  The effect of smooth, gliding heat in your sore muscles is heavenly.

Foot Salt Scrub: $20

Moist hot towels, salt, and coconut oils enhance the pleasure of your foot massage!

Aroma therapy: $20

The Shiatsu & Massage Center features dōTerra© Aromatherapy. dōTerra© produces the highest purity and potency of aromatherapy by cultivating the herbs from their local origins. For example, lavender can be planted in many places, but the potency is highest in the soil in which the plant evolved. On a personal note, I’m one of the owners, and I personally use dōTerra© aromatherapy for pain relief because it works so well. Its especially helpful before and after yoga classes.

Facial Mask: $20

While receiving a massage, why not have a facial mask applied? Tidy up the skin and get a massage at the same time!

All our massage menu include complimentary services such as organic detox tea and pure water. You can also add extras such as hot stone massage and aroma therapy to enhance the experience and effect of massage.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy essential oil basics

Incorporating aroma therapy to massage can enhance its effect on your body and mind. Essential oils are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. Scientists agree that essential oils may perform more than one function in living plants. In some cases they seem to be a part of the plant’s immune system. In other cases they may simply be end-products of metabolism. Essential oils contain hundreds of organic constituents, including hormones, vitamins and other natural elements that work on many levels. They are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than the oils in dried herbs.

All the countries of the world provide essential oils, making aromatherapy a truly global therapy. Information on specific essential oils can be found in the Essential Oil Directory.

Not all oils are created equal

Some plants, like rose and jasmine, contain very little essential oil. Their important aromatic properties are extracted using a chemical solvent. The end product, known as an absolute, contains essential oil along with other plant constituents. Though not a true essential oil, absolutes are commonly used for fragrancing cosmetic products like fine perfumes.

There are also significant differences between synthetic fragrance oils and pure essential oils. Synthetic fragrance oils are produced by blending aromatic chemicals primarily derived from coal tar. These oils may duplicate the smell of the pure botanical, but the complex chemical components of each essential oil created in nature determine its true aromatic benefits. While synthetic fragrance oils are not suitable for aromatherapy, they add an approximation of the natural scent to crafts, potpourri, soap and perfume at a fraction of the cost.

Aromatherapy practitioners need pure essential oils of the highest quality. Important criteria to consider when selecting essential oils include the following: 100% pure and natural, country of origin, growing season, extraction method (e.g., distillation, expression), plant part used and the reputation of the company providing the oils.

Dream Massage

4 Hands Massage

Double the value of your massage by receiving a massage from two therapists at the same time. The therapists breath and move in a similar rhythm to create an enveloping sense of being cared for.

6 Hands Massage

Can you imaging one person just concentrating on your feet for one hour while two other therapists provide detailed body massage?

8 Hands Massage

This would be disastrous, if the therapists were not in near unison with each other. Both the effect of so much attention is wonderful, and, with four therapists to lift, twist, pull, and knead you, they can literally lift you off the table for a few moments of traction, and hold you in other therapeutic poses while providing massage. This is massage for a truly royal experience.

A one hour ‘Four Hands’ massage is $180.00

You choose the time, from 15 minutes to 120 minutes.