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The Shiatsu & Massage Center

Our massage has a purpose that goes beyond relaxation. Here at Shiatsu & Massage Center, we see our service as a way to help people achieve personal goals by turning tight muscles that hold you back into soft muscles that will let you move forward. The Hawaiians have a concept for this: “Imi ola”, which means to seek your highest purpose.

In order to enhance the healing process, we serve organic detox tea with every therapeutic massage provided to clients here in Waikiki, Honolulu, HI.

Organic detox tea is served with every massage.

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Enhance your 30 minute or longer massage with:

Hawaiian CBD gel: $25
Based on experience, therapists have observed that providing two CBD gel massages a day relieves pain from their own wrists and elbows. We believe CBD is effective in relieving deeply rooted body pain from our own experiences.

Phyoceane Self Heating Mud: $25
This mud, sourced from France, wrapped in foil and cloth, is placed under areas where you feel soreness. You can feel the mud percolate as it ‘self heats.’ It stays in the area for about 20 to 60 minutes providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Hot Stone: $20
The warm stones can be added to either Lomi Lomi, Relaxation, or Perfect Balance massage. Here, warm flat stones are placed over a towel on the key points of the body. The added weight and warmth will enhance comfort. Smooth warm stones are then used to actually massage you with and the sensation of smooth, gliding heat in your sore muscles is heavenly. Minimum length: 45 minutes.

Foot Salt Scrub: $20
Hot moist towels, salts, and coconut oil enhances the pleasure that you can get from a foot massage!

Aromatherapy: $20
The Shiatsu & Massage Center features doTerra© Aromatherapy. doTerra© produces the highest purity and potency of aromatherapy by cultivating herbs from local origins. For example, lavender can be planted in many places but the potency is highest in the soil where the plant evolved. It's especially helpful before and after yoga classes.

Facial Mask: $20
While receiving a massage, why not have a facial mask applied? Pamper your skin and get a massage at the same time!

The Shiatsu and Massage Center features Phytomer facial products.


30 minutes $60
60 minutes $120
90 minutes $180

Enhance your facial with an XMF Anti Aging Mask +$20

Treat Yourself, You Deserve it! 100 minutes

Receive 100 minutes of massage with a facial mask, Foot Scrub, & Hot Stone $200

we feature Phytomer facial products



I made a last minute appointment and they were able to take me. I pulled a muscle so I selected a 30 minute massage because I wanted my shoulders and upper back worked on. The massage therapist understood my request and concentrated on the area that was sore. She had a great touch! The pain I was experiencing went away.

– Pikake W.

Where all your tension can float away...