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Welcome to The Shiatsu Massage Center, located in the beautiful city of Honolulu, HI. Our massage center offers a variety of therapeutic services to help you relax, heal, and rejuvenate your body and mind. With our expert practitioners and serene atmosphere, you can experience the ultimate bliss of shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, pre-natal massage, and reflexology. BOOK NOW through Online Booking or Contact us to schedule your appointment today!


    We use Phytomer and Fleur Products for our facial services.  Phytomer is a French company that is considered the best source of seaweed facial products. They use sustainable harvesting methods off the coast of Brittany, France. Phytomer’s scientists have created a way to preserve the ionic balance of seawater in the cream that comes out of the tube.  As animals, we evolved from the sea, which is why our blood’s ionic balance is the same as seawater. Seaweeds, therefore, help bring stressed skin to a healthy homeostasis. Most brands featuring seaweed products source the raw materials from Phytomer. However, Phytomer does not add any synthetic enhancements.  Just pure, natural creams that are time-tested for remineralizing our skin. The facial includes face, neck, and head massage while the mask is soaking in.

  • PHYTOMER Products

    For nearly 50 years, PHYTOMER has been transforming the sea into skincare to effectively reveal women and men’s beauty: a natural, authentic, vibrant beauty.

    This express facial is ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged.

    This cleaning and mattifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves your skin visibly healthier and clearer. Skin flaws are diminished, clogged pores are unblocked and excess sebum is regulated.

  • XMF Products

    A very original facial massage with an exceptional treatment technique for instantly visible results with the use of XMF products.

    With its two new professional masks and its unique resurfacing lotion, this treatment reaches the height of biotechnological performance and restores the skin’s youthfulness, softness and luminosity. The specific face massage completes the action of the products and heightens relaxation.


Perfect Massages and Facials Tailor Made For You

Massage Center


A Swedish-based massage for profound relaxation. Soothing kneading and gliding strokes are designed to lull your senses into restorative rest.

Massage Therapist


In practice, this is oriented at being a version of a Deep Tissue massage.  It is normally used to focus on specific goals, however it can also be a whole body balancing tune up.  However, it has far deeper roots in Hawaiian culture, which we do not delve into beyond holding the intention to help you.  “The word Lomi-lomi can be directly translated as kneading or rubbing in a gentle manner. This is a traditional massage that originated in Hawaii and is also known as ‘loving hands’ massage. It is a combination of massage and breathing techniques. It relieves stress and tension by working your muscles gently, deeply, and with continuous and flowing strokes. The principle of this massage revolves around the idea that a person’s memories are not only stored in the brain but also in your muscles and all the other cells of the body. The goal is to remove these patterns and relieve you from the stress and tension caused by said patterns.”

Massage Center


Where Lomi-Lomi and relaxation meet to re-energize, soothe and relieve tension. Not too strong, not too soft, just a perfectly balanced massage for you.  

Massage Center


This Japanese style of massage has a very different ‘feel.’ Shiatsu doesn’t use massage oil, and direct skin contact isn’t always necessary. This is ideal for those who have concerns with hygiene. Direct pressure, via the thumbs, palms, knuckles, forearms, even knees and feet are used to stimulate and relax specific points on the body. Pressure is sometimes applied rhythmically along the length of muscle attachments where muscles become tendons and attach onto bones. The attachment areas have the highest tension and are where the most amount of stress is located. Massage with knowledge of muscle structure and insertions is very effective for overall circulation stimulation and results in dramatic pain relief.


Pre- or post-race sports massage

This can be a deep tissue-like massage that is more specific for physical activities such as sports. Pre-race? Post-race? In between a race, or athletic event?  For a sports massage, you will need to mentally participate and be involved with the therapist during the massage process. Resistance exercises can enhance the pressure point massage, and ‘muscle shortening’ or therapeutic positioning of your body can promote relaxation.  This is a massage that includes manipulation and assisted stretching to help you either perform better or recover faster.

Massage Center


More focused on the pressure points located on your feet. Hand reflexology is also recommended as a surprising amount of tension is located in the hands. This type of massage is expected to hurt but in ways that will stimulate your breathing. You shouldn’t be flinching or holding your breath but should be groaning with relief. Make an appointment today for professional reflexology to help your feet feel alive and free from aches. 

Massage Therapist


This is normally a strong goal-focused massage, but strong pressure is not the point. The ‘point’ is to find the knots which are causing your muscles to feel tight, and to use any appropriate technique for easing the ‘knot’ back into a calm, stress-free state.


A relaxing and soothing entire body massage to relieve sore muscles and swollen joints during pregnancy similar to a Swedish massage. It uses techniques that are specific to the numerous anatomical changes a woman experiences during her pregnancy and that will in no way harm the mother or the baby.

For massage oil, we use the Sacred Earth brand, made in Eugene Oregon.  They use all organic and natural oils without nuts.  The massage gel includes a honeycomb and is pleasantly moisturizing for the skin. 

Couple's Massage


Enjoy our spa treatments as a pair.  No extra charge, mother-daughter, two friends can opt to receive their massages in the same room. 

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage can include a series of complex body stretches, compression style massage, and 'Back Walking,' similar to Ashi Atsu, or, 'Walking on the Back,' in Japanese language. All massages can include 'Back Walking' if the therapist has that training; about 2/3 and all of our tables are ready for 'Back Walking.'

 Deep Tissue Massage | Best Sports Massage -  Shiatsu & Massage Center

A Shiatsu 'Back Walking' Massage

With parallel bars over each table for balance, therapists are able to literally walk on your back. Sometimes just one leg is used and at other times both legs are fully applying pressure. This is good for a deeper experience, but it's also quite soothing. Traditional Japanese Shiatsu as well as Thai massage incorporates Back Walking, as does Lomi-Lomi massage.

Massage Center

Facial Mask $20

Have a facial mask applied during your massage. This can help tidy up your skin and end up feeling and looking great after the service.

All items on our massage menu include complimentary services such as organic detox tea and pure water.

Massage Therapist

Foot Salt Scrub $20

Enhance the pleasure and benefits of your foot massage with hot towels, salt, and special mud like creme just for the feet.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage $20

Add warm stones to your Lomi Lomi relaxation, Deep Tissue or perfect balance massage. The warmth and weight of the stones are truly comforting.  The firmness of the stones is beyond our fingers!  We are careful to keep the smooth stones pressing into your tight muscles and not your bones. 


Aromatherapy $20

Add dōTerra© Aromatherapy to your massage to improve its healing effects. It features the highest purity and potency as the herbs are cultivated from their local origins. We use Deep Blue, Lavender, and Peppermint.  


Hawaiian CBD Gel $20

Ease your pain away with the help of one tablespoon of CBD gel. It is effective. Our therapists noticed the disappearance of pain in their arms and wrists when giving two CBD massages a day.

  • 4 Hands Massage

    Double the value of your massage by receiving a massage from two therapists at the same time. The therapists breathe and move in a similar rhythm to create an enveloping sense of being cared for.

  • 6 Hands Massage

    Can you imagine one person just concentrating on your feet for one hour while two other therapists provide a detailed body massage? Experience it today!Can you imagine one person just concentrating on your feet for one hour while two other therapists provide a detailed body massage? Experience it today!

  • 8 Hands Massage

    The effect of so much attention is truly wonderful. With four therapists working in unison, they can lift, twist, pull, knead, and can also literally lift you off the table for a few moments of traction and hold you in other therapeutic poses while providing massage. This is a massage for a truly royal experience.The effect of so much attention is truly wonderful. With four therapists working in unison, they can lift, twist, pull, knead, and can also literally lift you off the table for a few moments of traction and hold you in other therapeutic poses while providing massage. This is a massage for a truly royal experience. These multiple therapist massages are especially useful as 15 or 30 minute massages.  It’s like getting an hour massage on your lunch break!