Relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Massage

Relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Massage

Many people are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome every year. Anyone who makes repetitive motions with their hands and arms all day, every day is susceptible to this injury. Some of the most likely people to deal with it are those who are at a keyboard all day, musicians, athletes, waitresses/waiters, and construction workers. A doctor may recommend surgery to remedy the problem. But wait!!! Massage and stretching can be an effective  treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

The pain from carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when the median nerve is compressed. This nerve can become compressed where the transverse carpal ligament binds together the arm’s ligaments. Repetitive motion places stress on the ligaments and the nerve. These same motions can also cause the soft tissues in the hand to harden, adding to the pressure being placed on the nerve.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can include weakness of the hands and wrists, chronic pain in this area, numbness, swelling, and tingling that can reach all the way to the elbow. For some people this pain becomes unbearable and they look for any way to make it stop.

Many people turn to surgery each year to reduce the pain caused by this pressure, but it may not be the best option. The recovery time from carpal tunnel surgery can take a couple months or more, and if the problem came from your career, you need to ask yourself if you can be out of work for that long. If you depend on your hands to make money, having them out of commission for months may not be an option.

Surgery should be approached carefully. Only the most extreme cases of carpal tunnel syndrome should surgery be considered, and that is only after every other available treatment has been tried and has failed. The hand is a very delicate and complex area, and a lot of things can go wrong with even the slightest mistake.

Massage has proven very effective and should definitely be tried first.

If you have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be thrilled to learn that there are things you can start doing right now to cut down on the pain. There are places you can go to learn some stretches and exercises that will help to relax the transverse carpal ligament. This will take a lot of the pressure off of the median nerve. Getting your hands massaged will also help with this by preventing the tissues of the hand from becoming tense and hard. You also might be surprised at how much pressure can be taken off your arms by practicing good posture and ergonomics.

These changes will take time to be really effective, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will find relief. By asking a doctor, physical therapist, or masseuse, you can learn moves to help you with the discomfort. You can also look up some basic stretches online if you need something simple to start with right away.

Trying these methods before surgery will likely give you the results you need without the risk, cost, and recovery time that comes with surgery.

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